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Thread: TEST-- To get off or not to get off?

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    Default TEST-- To get off or not to get off?

    Hey guys--
    History FYI
    Years training 9+
    Competed in 2x Natural BB Shows and 1 Men's Physique show
    Starting weight: 192 9%BF
    Ending weight: 225 10%BF

    Coming to the end of a 20 week cycle of test c @ 600 mg/per week. It was my first cycle. I've decided to stay on T after my cycle. I plan on running around 200-300 mg per week just to hang onto my gains for about 3-4 months before I start another cycle. My gains were nice.
    Is this a smart idea to stay on, or would you just get off completely? I know many users on here just get off completely and urge that "time on = time off". So what I'm asking is, anyone on here on T all year round? Thoughts?
    Thanks guys.

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    There are a bunch of guys on IS that blast and cruise year round. However; they also have many, many cycles under their belt. Being your first time, I would myself come off. Make it through pct, and let you endocrine system normalize again.

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    Big questions are, how old are you and do you want kids in future and well, do you want to have to be on synthetic Test probably the rest of your life.


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    I guess the thought behind it is good so u keep ur gains, but is it worth the problems and complications that could arise? That's what I'd ask myself. I agree with slavik, for my first time I'd want to make sure j can come off and everything is function as per usual.
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    The question you asked was "is it a smart idea to stay on?" Absolutely not a smart idea but the choice is yours to make. As the guys above have mentioned, there are risks and potential life long consequences to staying on or not taking sufficient breaks between cycles. There are also benefits to staying on, depending on what your goals are and what you are willing to risk in return. Unless your goal is to make a living with your body (compete) then you should really consider whether it is worth it or not.

    Being a TRT patient, I understand the benefits of being on full time. There are limitations to the benefits because with being on comes risks of health issues as well as health benefits. The key to our (TRT patients) health is regular blood work and proper supplementation. It is most important to make sure our red blood count stays in check. Having too high of a red blood count can lead to stroke, regardless of age. Cholesterol, blood pressure and liver enzymes are of equal importance.

    There are ways to have the benefits of being on full time without doing that completely. The same risks are involved but there is a better chance of maintaining natural hormone production for later in life. What I have done is run long cycles followed by a short break then TRT. So basically I would run something like 500mg per week of test cyp for 20 weeks then run a pct consisting of 10 days pf hcg followed by 4 weeks of clomid and nolvadex. Once completed I would go back on a regular TRT dose after a complete blood work. Basically a couple times per year I would either just raise my test dose or add in other compounds for short periods. I recently came of after almost 3 years and had blood work done after a 4 week pct consisting on nolva and clomid. My natural test levels were the same as my levels 3 years ago, not that they were good back then.

    You could do something similar but be aware that the risks are still an issue and you could end up having health issues later in life if not sooner. It comes down to your goals and the risks you are willing to take. If you want to go this route then I would suggest running short ester compounds in 8-10 week cycles, take a 5-6 week break for pct then run a TRT dose between the next cycle. I would take at least 2 or 3 (3 being better) breaks per year. There really is no reason to lose gains following this protocol. I want to stress blood work and proper supplementation.

    I do want to add here that I don't condone this type of steroid use for most. Unless you are competing then IMO it isn't worth the risks.
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    Hazcat Guest


    225 at 10% is a nice size. When is enough enough? What does your lipid profile look like right now is a huge question along with the having children issue. Scar tissue over years of use should also be considered. There are a lot of issues involved along with legalities. I for one believe the human body works best when you leave it alone. Staying on is for older guys or those with naturally low test levels.

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    There is, or should be, more to life than BB'ing......think of the bigger picture bro, your future, you want kids, want to be on trt the rest of your life, want to drastically increase your risk of cardiovascular disease....cancers.... Personally I am strongly recommending you come off and get your system back to normal, especially your lipids and BP. A 20 week cycle is pushing the envelope methinks.....Like Haz said, how much is enough?
    Speaking from experience bro, come off the gear and get yourself sorted....there is a fine line between use and abuse.
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    i would say to take everybody advice here.. get off of it cause the health risks that you will face cause you dont want to come off are not worth it. Pluse also say that you do stay on then a couple years latter u decide to come off for what ever reason , and your body cant produce test anymore then you have to go on trt ,, will that be worth it just becaue at this time u dont want to come off because you dont want to lose some weight???? dude dont risk it

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    Thanks for the help guys. Appreciate it.
    As nice as it is to be on, I'm just gonna suck it up and get off in a few weeks once my cycle is up. All my pct is in hand, should be good to go--keep you guys posted if I run into any snags. Time on = time off right, look forward to another cycle(slightly) stronger in the next 4-5 months.

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    hey on a side note you might find it hard to get back into lifting in the gym after getting off after being on for so long, cause when the hormones leave your body your not going to feel the drive as much.. so i woudl recomend to get your hands on a pre workout and some creatin to help your drive a little in the gym ..

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