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Thread: this cycle is test/eq only next cycle will be

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    I tend to agree with Joe on the dosage issue. I think you can run the test a bit higher as well as the EQ. I would normally suggest 400-500mg per week of test along side EQ at 600-800mg. Being you are looking to run deca with it too I think the doses could be a bit lower. I'm not impressed with EQ under 600mg but in this cycle you could stand to run it lower. 400mg of EQ should be fine and 400mg of test will be plenty as well, considering cycle length. EQ is close in structure to test but deca is not, so you really can't calculate that the same. But deca is a quite strong compound and if you ran it at 400mg you would be doing 1200mg of aas per week total. That isn't unheard of IMO.

    If you were to run masteron E instead of EQ then I'd go with 400mg per week.

    Here is how I suggest the two cycles.

    Wk 1-20 test c 400-500mg per week
    Wk 1-20 EQ 400mg per week
    Wk 1-14 deca 400mg per week


    Wk 1-16 test c 500mg per week
    Wk 1-16 masteron E 400mg per week
    Wk 1-14 deca 400mg per week

    Like stated earlier, EQ is close in structure to test so it would be similar to doubling the test dose if they were ran together. They do produce different quality gains so there is a benefit to running the two compounds instead of just running a high test dose. With using masteron in this cycle you are actually using three totally different compounds. The first being test, the second being a DHT (dry lean mass) and the third a nandrolone. Nandrolones tend to be the best mass builders and work synerginically with DHT's. Being DHT's can be hard on the hairline and prostate I would run it a little shorter than I would the EQ cycle. I think the results might be better though.
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    That is a lot of helpful info Florida. I appreciate it...

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