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Thread: first cycle criticism

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    I plan to run my first ever cycle in the next two weeks and have purchased test e 200mg and some nolva just in case gynecomastia flare up. The cycle will be about using test e 200mg twice a week for 1-12 weeks and 500iu HCG for 10th-12th weeks and clomid ed 50/50/50 for 15th-18th weeks.

    Weight-196lb, height-5'9", male, age-34. please advise.

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    dont use nolva for gyno , use letrozole

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    your choice of testosterone only for a first cycle is a smart one, and 400mg is a great dose too. so no problems there. Tealc is right about the gyno thing, you should do some reading and discover the difference between AI's like arimidex and aromasin and SERMS like nolva and clomid. For your cycle i would reccoment arimidex at 0.25mg/EOD (every other day). this will keep estrogen conversion low and keep the side effects low also.

    Post cycle therapy also takes longer then 3 weeks, especially at your age (no offense!). you should increase your nolva to 4 weeks, and continue running the arimidex overlapping that and continuing for another 2 weeks past it. thats 6 total weeks of PCT that will have your natural testosterone recoverd much better then 3 weeks of nolva alone.

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    Also hcg is not in adecvate dose. You can use it after cycle 1000iu/day for 10 days or in cycle from wk 3 or 4 to the end at 250iu x 2 times/ wk. Is you option about hhcg but you ca go withaout at this kind of cycle

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    100mcg of hcg is ridiculous high dose for such a small cycle,250iu ed for 10days is enough

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    id agree with Zi1. imo i dont even use hcg. i find that nolva and or clomid are good enough for pct

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