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Thread: Need experience users help

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    Livecare52, milk thistle for liver support.

    With your last 4 weeks This is how I run mine.

    winny 80mg ed
    var 100mg ed

    If this is your first show, and your first time using var and winny together, half the doses above and see how you do. Chart and log everything in a book so for your next show you can adjust if all goes ok.

    What province are you in that's running a qualifier in January\Feb?

    Im in Alberta qualifier for June.

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    Sorry was away for work contest is in may... Originally planned to compete in march but the org dropped men's bb I should have listed I am taking milk thistle it slipped my mind, also the pct I outline do you think that's enough cookie and just up the nova? I'm going to order my var and winny tomorrow and run as you outline I have used winny before at 50mg with mild success and will run the var at 50mg and log results and what I notice my body doing. Thanks again for the help

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