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Thread: first cycle, test e

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    Default first cycle, test e

    hey all, i am 26, 185lbs, and 6'1" and on paleo diet. very hard gainer and spend about 4-6 hours a day at the gym, goes twice. i also eat oatmeal, brown rice, lots of vegetables, and protein drinks at times. i am planning to run a cycle of test e 250mg/ml and made an order of 3 bottles of 10ml each.

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    not a bad cycle, 4-6 hours/day at the gym sounds BS

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    Exactly what do you do for 4/6 hrs???? Who has that time!!

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    That makes sense and why you can't gain because you spend too much time in the gym. All the growing is done in the bed and at the table. Spend more time eating and sleeping and that should solve your issues with gaining. I spend about an hour and a half to two at the most at the gym and I can barely move when I'm done and I feel like I got the shit kicked out of me. I'd be getting wheeled out on a stretcher if I was in there for 6 hours a day.

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    4 to 6 hours at the gym... well which is it...4 hours or 6 hours?
    This could make all the difference.
    Honestly be honest. A test cycle will do wonders. Not miracles.

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    far too much time in the gym rest is very important as others have already said..
    "Leave only foot-steps and take only memories"

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