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Thread: question regarding sust

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    Default question regarding sust

    hello everyone.

    i know people in here usually recommend test for a first time cycle.

    so i'm wondering if sust is ideal for a beginner?. Also how often do you inject this thing?, some of the people i talked with said once a week with 500?, but what have come to my understanding is that there is also test P in sust, so wouldn't it be more ideal to inject eo3d ?

    and is sust ideal in a cutting cycle together with, say anavar or winstrol? ( i know this is a diet thing, but just wanted to hear your opinions on this )

    have fun out there and thanks beforehand.

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    Sust Has Prop In It I would Inj It EOD. But I dont Recommend it for the first time user. Stick with single esters Test E Or Test C Will Be Great Inj Monday And Thursdays. 250mg Ea. Inj.

    And no Sust is not great for cutting because of the long esters. I always use prop for contest prep.

    Overall im not a fan of mix blends. Id Rather stick with single esters.
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    I agree with whitedog. But if sust is all you can get hold of then run it 250mg every 3 days for 12 weeks.

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    I Have to say you guys are both wrong, why would you inject eod to take advantage of an ester thats only 30mg per ml of product?

    The bulk of sust is long esters, 9 and 15 days, this accounts for like 160mg of the product.

    30 mg testosterone propionate (2-3 day ester)
    60 mg testosterone phenylpropionate (4-5 day ester)
    60 mg testosterone isocaproate (9 day ester)
    100 mg testosterone decanoate (15 day ester)

    If you inject 250mg on monday you only have 15mg of the prop on wednesday. You do your next shot thats only avaliable on friday at 15+7 you get more on satruday from the phenyl at 30mg (now 7+15+30)

    The only advantage is that you get MORE test sooner, but your NOT getting more per ml.

    This is one of the issues with this drug and why guys see acne and other heavy sides on it.
    I ran this drug for 2 years with no issues doing 2 shots a week.
    This however may have been some of my acne issues, short esters and Me dont get along, they seem to make me moody, with heavy swings. Long esters make me more stable overall, both mentally, emotionally and physically.

    My suggestion is you run it 250 mg 2x week, you will be more than fine.

    I also disagree with white dogs comment about it not being a good cutting drug because of long esters.

    First off, the ester does not matter, test is test not mater how you deliver it.
    Second, long esters have no more water retention than shorts. Its about YOUR BODY and how you deal with these esters. I get no bloat on longs and run them all the way through contests, at 1000mg + per week of test.
    THIRD AND FOREMOST! there is NO SUCH THING as a cutting drug!!

    All the drugs are the same for the most part and this is what you have to understand, they are derivatives of testosterone, or testosterone itself, the difference is the delivery method (ESTERS).

    Does test prop work any different in your body than test Undecanoate?
    Nop it does the exact same thing inside your body, what is different here is the speed at which it gets into your blood.
    Will it cause you to hold more water than prop, yes perhaps, because that ester is NOT for you, would you run it to cut, I would not run it at all if I knew what it did to me.

    Is there a way to find out, yup, run the single esters, one cycle at a time and test them.

    Like I said, I ran sust for 2 years before i knew what it was doing, then I ran E, then C, then Undecanoate, I went back to E, then back to C and settled on that.

    C is best for me! and not cookies.

    Man that was a long rant!

    Ok so pin your sust 2x week no more. This may cause you acne as the short ester goes up and down. If your worried about that run a single ester like test E.

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    Everyone has there own opinions. I dont like sust period. Also Dont like going into pct with different ester ending times. For a first timer sust is not your best option IMO. I dont use long esters for contest prep. nor do i use test through contest. Everyone's body will react to esters differently. And yes i do agree with you dark the amount of water you hold is on your intake not all the esters fault. And yes i agree diet is the only way to cut.

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    I'm not wrong. I inject test e every 3 days to keep hormone levels stable. Each to their own but my body responds better to e3d injects.

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    I guess wrong is the "wrong" terminology.
    Did not mean to offend anyone at all. Each to their own.

    Everyone has to try it out, and see how they respond, different inject schedules, different esters etc. Just dont pin more than you have to.

    Your hormone stability levels are 90% the same when doing 2x week vs 3x week.
    If the 10% bothers you then do them e3d. The end results are the same (delivery of test to the body), with less sides in YOUR body

    We did not even talk bioavaliability, just general ester cleavage times hehe.
    This is why steroids are so much what I call "bro science"
    What works for me, and what works for you are independent not because they ARE, because we want them to be. If that makes sense.
    IF Injection times of sust are the same, the results are different from body to body. Results in this case being what happens to ones body after the delivery of the test. (bloat, muscles etc)

    I wonder if this is why there are so many ways to do it on the internet? Because what works for me I posted, and what works for you YOU posted. The new guys are caught in the middle doing the research.......

    Wow did I just think up that fucked up post....

    Its all a rich tapestry.

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    Just say it D...... "Crash test dummies". One mans airbag is anothers faceplant.

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    thank you all for posting.

    i have no intention to run sust, i'm too young to even consider steroids ( 21 of age )

    i just wanted to hear everyones opinion on this drug since for some reason it seems to be everyones favorite drug of choice in Denmark recently.

    hi5 to yall gave me some great insight into sust which none of these baboons on the danish boards was able to provide. Thank you everyone again.

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    I believe it's all trial and error, this is my 2nd cycle ever. I'm 32, running DP Pharma Sus 350.
    doing 15 wks. The first 7 weeks I ran M/W/F pins at 3/4 cc for total of 782mg per week. No sides, feel good. I'm trying 1cc now for the last 8 wks, M/W/F for a total of 1050mg per wk, I still feel good, my skin is a bit more oily, that's about it. I'm also 6'5 280lbs so maybe my body needs the increase. PIP does hurt though for about 4 days. Delts, thighs, glutes

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