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Thread: help me for my First Cycle!

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    Default help me for my First Cycle!

    Hey guys, i need some help for my first cycle. i am planning to use sustanon 350mg/ml for 10 weeks, deca 275mg for 10 wks, and dianabol 4 tab ed, and winstrol 75 mg for the entire cycle. a friend of mine said nolva will be the best pct for this cycle.
    Am i making the right move?

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    clomid+nolva for PCT and u need arimidex during cycle

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    u should stop what are u gona try to do, 4 compounds for first cycle? u crazy don't play with your luck, first cycle should be only testosterone,u will make significant gains just from test cycle alone. i could point major health and hormonal problems for your cycle but im just cuting it short, another thing 10weeks on winstrol? really? its one of most toxic steroids and it should be used no longer then 6weeks and your dosage of it is high.
    just do sustanon 500mg week-10weeks and pct clomid, hcg aromasin

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