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Thread: deca/test enanthate and pct

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    Default deca/test enanthate and pct

    i am trying to run my second cycle with

    wk 1-10 test Enanthate 250mg/week
    wk 1-8 Nandralone Decanoate 250mg/week
    Wk 3-10 Dostinex .5mg E3D
    wk 3-10 Arimidex .5mgED

    I am 27, 5'10", 180lbs.

    planning to take Clomid 100mg + nolv 40mg for days 2-10 and Clomid 50mg + nolv 20mg for day 10-30. is this good, say what???

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    imo good cycle, except bump the clomid up for the PCT

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    Hazcat Guest


    Don't use nolvadex on a nandrolone cycle. It can increase sensitivity of the progestin receptors in the chest and cause breast tissue growth.

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    ALso that's not long enough for the long ester nandrolone..(deca) 8 weeks won't produce much for you..
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    Youve got an ok cyce buddy and good work on the research youve done, However i would look to change afew things:
    Run the deca 12 weeks this is enough for a 2nd cycle buddy, run the test past the deca 2 weeks so 14 weeks of test e, this will allow the deca to clear enough for your pct to start 14 days after the last test pin.

    id run aromasin but if your down with adex then run that, and run the dostinex also for the deca.

    Pct i would lower the clomid dosage 25/50mg max anymore causes unwanted sides for alot of guys.
    DO NOT RUN nolva with 19nors like haz has said, run torem with the clomid.

    I would add forma stanzol to your pct, its an amazing Ai and will also help with recovery greatly:

    I would seriously consider adding hcgenerate, or daa atleast (3-4g's a day) to your pct, these will help recovery greatly. PCT Supplements, Natural Post Cycle Therapy Supplements

    Look at on cycle testicular support e.g HCG, hcgenerate, HMG these will help your balls stay plump, and provide a much smoother and more pleasent transition into pct which will lead to less losses and you enjoying the whole experiance aswell, nobody likes raisan nuts lol..
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    Run hcg from week 2 right up to 3 days prior to pct. run it at 250 iu 2 x ew

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