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Thread: Clen usage

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    Hi dear friends,

    As you guys helped me before this time I need a serious help.

    My girly got Clen and she is going to be on clen cycle (can't believe as I haven't touched my cycle yet) but she came up with below cycle for fat lose (she wanna lose some extra pound which she is trying to lose by exercising and cardio and strict diet but not happening, she is a regular gym person for years probably 10 years now, she put on weight during the last pregnancy about 5 to 6 KGs, it has been an year she was trying to lose it but on weight scall it's alway 5+ where you can't see that 5kg when u look at her but she decided to go on clen)

    I don't know much about clen cycles as it never been in my list,

    Day 1 - 20mcg
    Day 2 - 40mcg
    Day 3 - 40mcg
    Day 4 - 60mcg
    Day 5 - 60mcg
    Day 6 - 80mcg (if side effects r bad then stay on 60mcg)
    Day 7- off
    Day 8 - 80mcg if side effects r bad then stay on 60mcg)
    Day 9 - 60mcg
    Day 10 - 60mcg
    Day 11 - 40mcg
    Day 12 - 40mcg
    Day 13 - 20mcg
    Day 14 - 20mcg

    2 weeks off and 2 weeks on for 8 weeks

    She is also using taurine 5g everyday

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    This Belongs in the female section mate. Saying that, Us guys aren't really allowed to step our toes in that section. If it's not to much trouble get her to make an account here and the ladies can asist her on dosing.

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    Why is day 7 an off day?

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    Hazcat Guest


    I'm not a proponent of using drugs to lose weight. Once you stop taking them you regain what you lost plus some normally. There's an underlying problem with her diet that needs attention. Diet is the main concern when it comes to fat loss. You can do all the cardio you want but it won't do much. Weight lifting is more effective in fat loss than cardio and once again diet is the main concern. Insulin is released with carb intake which causes fat storage. Limiting insulin release will cause her body to dip into fat stores for fuel. Post up her diet and we'll solve the equation. You have to post the chocolate she's sneaking as well. We can make room for her chocolate as long as everything is listed including drinks.

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