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Thread: HELP!!!! ME PLEASE!!!!! Blood work question

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    Default HELP!!!! ME PLEASE!!!!! Blood work question

    Hey guys,

    So I got off of 7 months worth of test around Jan 4th of this year. 600mg/week test e. I'm having blood work done tomorrow. Told the doc that I was feeling sluggish, low libido yada, yada yada. In hopes of him getting to do my blood work. PCT was as follows: Nolva 20/20/10/10 with Adex .5mg eod. As of 2 days ago I finished my pct, and honestly feel great. So I know none of you are doctors, BUT CAN YOU GIVE ME ANY SPECULATION AS TO IF U THINK MY TEST LEVELS WILL BE LOW ENOUGH FOR THEM TO PRESCRIBE ME FOR TRT DOSAGE.

    Again, it was my first cycle, so I'm wondering if my testes have really even started going online again. Yes the libido is a bit sluggish, but def manageable. Energy is a bit down too, but nothing stopping me from hitting the gym like a maniac for 6 days a week.

    Any information/speculation from your own experiences/doctor visits would be appreciated guys.

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    It's hard to know. But 7 months of test wouldn't be easy to just bounce back from. Did you use hcg? Where you running an AI. If he does do blood work your E2 will be out of whack and most likely your whole lipid panel. How old are you? And what else did you take.
    Generally the rule is to get BW done 4-6 weeks after pct to see where your at. Im a bit confuse with your question? What do you want? Low test, then your doc can prescribe you trt? I think he will realize what you have done.
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    Im 28, and it was my first cycle Johnny. I did use a AI, adex @ .5mg eod for the entire 7 months along with 5-6 weeks of pct. I didn't use HCG because I couldn't obtain it, so I just stuck with Nolva and Adex. I just stuck with test for the solid 7 months. And yes, the big question would be after they do my bloodwork would it possible to obtain a script for pharm grade test seeing as how my natty test levels are probably incredibly low? I should also say that I'm in the military, so the whole thing about using gear, and being illegal in the military is a bit nerve wrecking. I was hoping the the doc would see my test levels were very low, hence prescribe me a trt dosage.
    In the military its hard to get bloodwork done post cycle and have them not assume you were on something.

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    at 28 you dont want to be on trt. trust me. i would do everything you can to avoid it until youre in your 40s man

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Juju View Post
    at 28 you dont want to be on trt. trust me. i would do everything you can to avoid it until youre in your 40s man
    Agreed I would do everything you can to avoid being on trt. If its medically needed trt is great but to be on it if you can have normal levels of T without it? No thank you

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    I think you will be surprised at how high you test levels are following the cycle pct. At your age I'd bet, even following a 7 month cycle, that you have recovered pretty well. I agree that it would be a very long shot for any doctor to prescribe you TRT at your age. They would certainly try other avenues first.
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    Like stated above not many DR are going to prescribe trt at your age.

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    don't get on trt
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    TRT makes you grow hair in all the wrong places. There are ways of getting on trt but running a good pct isn't one of them. Is there a way of calling in with the flu or something to put this blood work off for a few weeks? It really is early. Giving it about 6 weeks post pct will give you a better look at where you're going to finish out at whether too low or normal.

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