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Thread: front load with dbol using tren ace/prop

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    Default front load with dbol using tren ace/prop

    i usually use tren e with either cyp, test e or sustanon, stacked with masteron and either eq oe deca (i like eq more).

    i don't normally do tren ace/prop due to the numerous injections and the fact that prop has a reputation of being a painful injection.

    that said. . .i am thinking about it for my next cycle (currently on one now). do i need to front load dbol?

    For my normal cycles, i front load dbol and var or winnie (usually var).

    i will normalize everything a few weeks before i order my gear, but would like input. i don't normally use shorter esters.

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    You won't need to front load a short ester Test cycle with Dbol as the effects from short ester Test kicks in so quickly. Some people actually front load Test E cycles WITH Test P.

    Test P is usually up in your system after two weeks so that would be the longest I guess you would want to run the Dbol but I don't think it is at all necessary.
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    I'm feeling my Test P right now and I'm JUST! About to finish my second week. EOD injections @ 150mg

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    run both test e and test prop, just stop the prop wk4/5 and let the E take over. I regularly start cycles with prop makes an awesome kicker if your not keen on running orals.
    Can always stack prop/oral as the kicker to your cycle dont have to choose one or the other, infact alot of my freinds have been running the helladrol/test prop kick start to give them a nice edge
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    No need for a front load with this one.
    I would add winny with it.
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