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Thread: Gyno help

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    Default Gyno help

    I started a cycle with superdol four weeks ago and have started to experience puffy nipples. i have ordered letrozole and dostinex and plan to use letro in doses of 2.5 edfor 2 weeks followed by 1.25mg/day for 2-3 weeks.

    Will that be good enough to stop gyno? say what?

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    Puffy nips. Is that the only side? I think asin would do just fine. I haven't used any proh but I assume they aromatize similar to test? Why did you go straight to the letro could I ask?
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    2.5mg letro ed for anti-gyno

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    Any AI should work for puffiness. Watch out for rebound if you're using letro. Taper off slowly. I imagine you could start your taper right away for puffiness with no lumps.

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    Adex or aromasin is Fine. You could also add in a little forma daily if you want.

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    yeh forma-stanzol would work well as would most Ai's tbh, just rub a bit into your chest area
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