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Thread: Bloating on tren ace/test prop

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    Default Bloating on tren ace/test prop

    I have been doing tren a and test p for the last five weeks and been noticing that face is like bloating out like hell. i earlier didn't notice much but when people start noticing that, i was like wtf. i have been running test 100mg, tren 75mg eod, and t3 100mg and clen 2 caps along with ephedra 2 tabs and nolva.

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    add some dostinex

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    bloat is caused by estrogen. The estrogen in your cycle is coming from the testosterone. Its happening because you didn't use an AI (aromataze inhibitor) in your cycle. The good news is that if you add in some aromasin at 12.5mg/E3D (every 3 days) it will go away. AND then you can drop the nolva. nolva blocks estrogen in some parts of the body, but doesn't lower it. aromasin will lower the estrogen so it is no longer an issue, therefore nolva would be unnecessary. It is also very important that you run the aromasin all throughout your PCT. right to the end.

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    1st you really shouldn't be running tren if you have no idea what your doing.

    You need an Ai like aromasin, drop the nolva and replace it like above ^ said..

    You also need to add caber or prami for the tren bro or you could have issues.
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