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Thread: Test, dbol, e and deca cycle help

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    Default Test, dbol, e and deca cycle help

    Hi guys, i am all set to start a new cycle, my third overall, and want to first find out if running test enan 500mg every week, dbol 50mg ed, and deca 400mg every week will be useful? planning to run test e for 12 weeks, deca for weeks 4-10, and dbol for weeks 1-6.

    What kind of results would this cycle help me achive? what pct should i try out and at what doses and when??

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    thats too heavy of a cycle

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    I would run your deca right from the get go and run in 12 weeks as running it 6 weeks is pointless. Results are all based off you diet, training, and sleep habits.what goals do you have in mind?

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    id lower the dbol dosage to 40mg and only go for 4 or 5 myself and id be sure to stack in some n2guard alongside. Start the deca from the beginning and stop it earlier than the test to let it clear properly.
    you'll need all the necessary Ai's and supports, id also look to add hcgenerate ES on cycle to lessen suppression and blast some HCG near the end to speed up recovery in pct.

    As far as exact gains that not's really answerable in all honesty, but as long as you eat right, train well and stay disciplined you'll gain big off this cycle bro
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    focus- i beat u to it!
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