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What do some BBs take for years at a time on cruise? Then what do they blast at?
What the pros run and what you should run are miles apart. What they are doing is neither safe nor good for their health but they are doing to make a living. You really would have to weight the risk to benefit ratio to see if it fits your goals. I agree with Timoid on TRT dosing. Mine was originally set at 200mg per week and I think that is relatively safe depending on your overall health and as long as BP and blood work is within normal range. At this point I know I don't need 200mg per week to maintain muscle mass and libido so I plan to dose around 125-150mg per week except when I'm "cycling." I also agree you may want to keep an eye on estrogen although I never had an issue with gyno at 200mg or more per week but I did get gyno on the 125mg per week.