The sides would be the same with gel as it would be for test cyp but you really shouldn't have any issue with a TRT dose unless you are extremely prone to gyno. That is the easy part to the problem anyway. Anti estrogens are readily available on the next and your doctor could right you a script and it would be $4 at walmart. I look at the TRT thing like this. Do what you have to do. I decided to pay out of pocket when I started simply because I couldn't find a doctor that took my insurance or that would bill it so it was covered. I'm just biding my time at the moment with my endo but I'm sure he will see things my way when I go back for a follow up. He already knows I know more about TRT than him so I'm pretty sure I can convince him to do the test cyp.

As for blood work, you really should only get a 2-3 month follow up after you start the TRT then it will usually go to every six months. There really isn't any reason to check more often than that unless he is trying to fine tune dose to get you to a desired level.

Usaji, I'm going to say that $300 per month is a bit steep for TRT but I'd pay it if I had to. I know how shitty I feel with test levels in the 200ng/dl range and I'm not living with that. My suggestion is to stock up on UG test when you find a good source. It will last a few years or more if you store it right. I try to have at least two years worth on hand then when I plan to run a "cycle" I get whatever other compounds I want plus the test to cover it at that time. I try to have a couple cycles at a time stored away. It just make sense to invest a little more up front and save yourself the hassle of ordering a couple times per year. The more you often you order, the more risks you face.