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Thread: Johnson's Cycle log

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    Default Johnson's Cycle log

    Today was day one of my second cycle, First one in quite some time. Took the time to grow natty and work on my diet and training. The day started off great, had an awesome shoulder work out, great breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day. Had a ton of water, and ended it with a nice walk with the wife and kid. Oh i almost forgot that awkward moment when your buying syringes (where i come from you can do that no problem at your local walmart) and the guy standing beside me, of-course, a family friend. Anyways pinned right glute, with 1ml of Test E, smooth as ever and feeling great, really looking forward to this cycle. Just for argument sake, can i run my dbol 1-4 or 1-5, and run winstrol 9-14? or my tbol? or is it not worth it? suggestions please.

    Week 1-12, Test E-500mg/week
    Week 1-5, Dbol- 50mg/day
    Week 1-14, Adex-.25mg EoD

    I have HCG and Nolvadex on hand.

    Anyways hope to get some followers along here for my journey, thanks for everyone's knowledge and advice.

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    Looks good, man. Dbol is a little high. Maybe drop it to 40mg and extend it a week? Also, get some liver support and make sure to stay way from alcohol while on orals.

    Have fun

    Edit: about the winny. Well I would get your liver/blood checked out at the end of week 8. If it looks good then I don't see why not.
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    Thanks Bushman, will do. Also i do not plan on drinking at all. will line up an appointment with the doc and see what he has to say. appreciate the input

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    Agree with Bush on the Dbol dose.

    I however found 30mg ED to be plenty (10mg every eight hours). I started with 10mg every six but the pumps where deliberating during deadlifts. Start with 40 and see how you go.

    Five weeks is plenty for Dbol.
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    Bro run the dbol and winny together. 20 mg dbol and 30-40 mg winny is pretty sick. It's way stronger and more effective then running one at a high dose. I do suggest some forged liver or n2guard.

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    Woke up this morning, and had no pain what so ever. Great start. I have the pain I had on my last cycle from injections. This morning I made my self some protein pancakes, along side a bowl of yogurt with granola and blue berries. Had a great back and bi work out this morning, spent about an hour in the gym today, and had a whole new motivation again, or we'll it seemed. After my work out I downed a protein shake on my way to the tanning bed! When you guys tan, are you using a specific lotion? Or any if trying to help with acne? I followed up with the equivalent of 5 egg white and one whole egg, home made hash browns cooked in coconut oil(just a little bit) and a banana. Wife wants to do some p90x abs tonight, and we will take the little one for a walk, so that's going to be my cardio for the day.

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    Make sure you've got your n2guard protecting you my friend
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    Is it true you only deliver to the US? Not Canada? I will be back in US and will order in 2 weeks if this is the case

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    Ok i know you said your on your second cycle and im sure you know but just in case cause a lot of people dont, where i live i can only buy locally over the counter syringes of ones in which you would use for a diabetic that only goes into your fat and not long enough for your muscle especially if your going in your glutes/ass the recommended is 22 or 23 guage needle at 1.5 inches long

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    I use 25 gage, 1inch syringes

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