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Thread: please tell me decadonate+testovirone_d-bol cycle

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    Default please tell me decadonate+testovirone_d-bol cycle

    hello friends I am new here and I have been practicing in the gym for the last 3 years. I have heard a lot about the cycle of deca donate+ testavirone+d-bol. I am good in practicing and having good diet. But didnot get size in my body. pleas tell me about the usage of these three. How to use them in what quantity day by day. can we mix deca and testa to use . please tell me.

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    You have been told about this cycle! And in your last post, you only trained in the gym for 6 months. Take the info we have given you and use it. Steroids are no joke and no magic drug! Post up your diet if you have an amazing diet? What's your training like? You are going to get hurt if you are not carful! I know you are here asking for advice, and it has been given too you. So take it and use it.
    Not mad but I do not like liars, atleast change your user name before you come back and ask the same question

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    Come on bro 6 months to 3 years in a matter of a day. I suggest you stay far away from steroids for A few actual years, but if you insist your gonna learn the hard way. Those hormones can wreak havoc on you if you don't know what your doing. Be smart and stay away.

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    dude if people are telling u to stay away its for a reason... there are huge risk with stroids and with only lifting for 6 months your body is not ready..

    When u inject steroids your muscles will jack up in strength fast so u can lift more... but the prob with that is your connective tissue wont get stronger and wont be ready for the extra weight and that will cause a huge risk of you ripping your connective tissue.. do u really want to risk that? take the time to lift right and build your body up right and build up the strength of your connective tissue so u wont fuck your self up.

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