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Thread: Experienced Lifter Novice Cycler Help

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    Default Experienced Lifter Novice Cycler Help

    Any recommendations for a first cycle?

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    What's your age, height, weight, bf%, training history?

    There's a few ways to go about it. You could try out a prohormone cycle or a sarms cycle to get your feet wet, or you could use test at 350-500mg EW. Did you have anything in mind?

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    Im 22, 3.5 yrs training, 6' 170lbs, I had a simple cycle in mind, test e cycle 300mg per week x 10 weeks, the pct with nolva.

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    I would recommend you wait until 25 to begin use. But if you decide to go this route I would up the test to 500mg a week.
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    Ok thanks for the info friend, there is also the concern of fakes, the brand im being offered is Lixus Labs from austria, it this good?

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    lixus is ok and bad it depends which one u get I personally never would use them because of incorrect dosages and etc

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    thanks man!
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    test for a 1st run my friend, no point in jumping in at the deep end
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    Should I run an AI throughout the cycle? or just PCT with nolva?

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    I always use at least a low dose of aromasin or adex on cycles. AG Guys has some good research chems.

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