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Thread: Big Ragus log

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    Default Big Ragus log

    Please, if this is not in the proper forum, please move it.

    I'm looking for motivation, help, guidance. Over the past year I've put on 40lbs. I'm probably 30% bf. I spent the whole year getting ready for my son to be born and completely let myself go. This log is an attempt to pull it back together. I'm years away from any aas use, but I'm not opposed to it in the future. I'd like to put my workout info, diet, current weight and pics, and hopefully gain feedback. If I'm fuckin up, I'd like constructive criticism on what I'm fuckin up at.

    I've been lean, as low as 189 at 6'4, I was 208 the day I learned I was going to be a dad. This morning I weighed 248.5. I'm not proud of that, I know I look like shit, time to reel it in. My immediate plans are to get on a program that will help me shed some fat. To me that means reps in the 8-12 range and cardio. If that's wrong, tell me. I'll start my diet by cleaning it up, cutting the bullshit I know I shouldn't eat. Try to eat around 200g of protein. As I progress, I will tweak that. I had open sack surgery on Saturday (vasectomy) and today I'm still very sore. I didn't kill it in the gym, but this is what it looked like:
    Flat barbell bench-15, 5, 8, 8
    Incline bench-15, 5, 8, 8
    Dumbell flies-5 sets of 15
    Cable flies-3 set of 12
    10 mins on a stairstepper. Balls still sore, stopped there

    I don't usually write these things, so it'll take me a few days to get the hang of it. I'll attach a few current pics, again, not proud of how I look. Please share any helpful criticism, I really could use it. Right now I'm feeling a bit clueless and I don't know why. image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg

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    If your main goal is fat loss than you should do shitloads of cardio, if you can train twice a day do a session of fasted cardio in the morning and lift later in the day.

    If you can't do twice a day than you could try 15 min cardio as a "warm up" before your lifting routine and 15 min afterwards, or go for 30 min after lifting.

    Being that weight loss is what you want I'de recommend you only rest for around 30-45 sec in between sets, you won't use as much weight as you normally would but it'll help you lose weight.

    I would also look into Intermittent Fasting, not saying it's necessary, just read up on it.

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    I agree with the shitloads of cardio. I just can't really get into it until maybe next week. Everytime I take a step it feels like I got kicked in the balls, I'm hoping that subsides soon. I won't be able to do 2 a day, but will more than likely go first thing in the morning. I'll ramp up the cardio as soon as I can.

    This morning I hit the gym at 5am. Here's how it went:
    Preacher curls-4 sets of 15, 60 second rest between sets
    Standing Dumbell Curl-4 sets of 15, 60 second rest
    Reverse Straight bar curl-4 sets of 15, 60 second rest
    Close grip Bench-4 sets of 15, 60 second rest
    Overhead EZ bar extension seated-4 sets of 15, 60 second rest
    Overhead dumbell extension-4 sets of 15, 60 second rest.
    No cardio, the boys are sore.....

    For the first time in a while, I left the gym feeling good. Arms had a decent pump, felt like I accomplished something. It's been a long time since I felt that way. I like it. For the time being, my diet is simply a cleaned up version of what I've been doing. No more sugars, trying to keep the protein at a decent amount (shooting for 200g). For food while at work I have 3 chicken breasts and 2 whole wheat bagels. Dinner will be some form of meat and carb. Once things start rolling I'll tweak it and improve on it. I'm really trying to get my head on straight right now. Ultimately fat loss is the goal, I'd like to get sub 15%. Once I hit that point, I'll reassess my goals. Thanks for any help and guidance.

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    It's all about diet. Take in less than you burn and the weight will fall off.
    The information given is for entertainment purposes only. I do not use steroids nor condone their use. I am not a trained health professional and therefore any answer given is strictly an intellectual exercise, not advice on how to use steroids.
    Muscle Forged In Pain!

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    im in to watch your progress bro! one tip i have is alternating ZERO carb days, like 3 days with carbs, one day zero carbs, just protein and healthy fats. i have had great success with this method.

    other then that good luck man! you can do this. come spring time you can be a lean mean daddy haha

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    It takes a lot of courage to post up something like this for help and I think that's a good thing. There's too many hardheaded people these days that are afraid to ask for help. Posting your diet would be helpful so that we can help you with that. As others stated, this is the most important part. Cardio would be beneficial too. Fasted cardio is great for fat loss and resistance training is too so you definitely want to keep up with that.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. Joe, I've done CKD in the past with amazing results, I was just never able to figure it out where I wasn't completely drained energy wise. I've never tried it with just one or two no carb days a week. I'd be interested in seeing how that pans out. Seems much more manageable than no carbs for 6 days, then one day of carb overload. I appreciate you reading along, I need the encouragement! Meathead, I don't know about courage, but thank you. It just seems like if I put it all out there for the world to see it'll hold me accountable. I really like this site and I want to surround myself (at least online!) with somewhat like-minded people that may help me get back to where I need to be. I hate what I've done to myself, but I know I can get back to where I want to be. A couple years ago I thought I knew all I needed to about being healthy, losing weight, etc, but right now I'm still kind of lost. It's coming though. This entire year really didn't exist until my kid was born, I spent the whole year preparing for him to get here. Now that he's here everything is moving super fast. I'll post my diet in more detail, however I haven't decided which route to take. For the time being, I'm keeping it simple, trying to get enough protein and cut the sugars. I will update this log with pics as I go, even though I'm embarrassed by how I look. Maybe in a few months I will be proud, not bummed. With that said, here's how the past 24 hours have gone:

    I ate relatively clean last night, nothing crazy. Throughout my work day I ate 2 chicken breasts and 2 whole wheat bagels. When I got home I had a handful of crackers, then had dinner with the wife. She made tacos, so it was ground beef and cheddar cheese in a soft shell. That was it. I spent the rest of the night playing with my kid. I try to get a gallon of water while I'm at work, then usually have diet pepsi or skim milk at home. I went to sleep around 10, and woke up at 3:45 this morning. Got up and hit the gym. I didn't eat anything, but I did take the last of a preworkout I had (c4 I think). Here's how the workout went down:

    -10 mins on a stair stepper. Still a bit sore in the groin area, I wanted something low impact, and the stair stepper fits the bill. I burned an indicated 110 calories.
    Barbell Squats-Warmup, followed by 5 sets of 15. The weight I used is nothing to brag about, but it definitely got the job done. I rested less than 60 seconds between sets.
    Front Barbell Squats-4 sets of 15. I hate squatting period, and front squats are even worse. Rested less than 60 between sets
    Leg Press-same deal, 4 sets of 15, maybe a 30 second rest. At this point my thighs were completely burned out.
    Calf Raises-3 sets of 20. By now I'm done, walking is difficult
    10 Mins on the stair stepper.

    Leg day is horrible for me. I had another knee surgery about 6 months ago and I never let it heal properly. So I suffer almost every day because I'm stupid, and leg day compounds it. I left the gym feeling sick, which I like. Been a while since I felt like throwing up during a workout and it's a small indicator that I may be pushing myself somewhat. After the workout I took about 50g of whey and headed to work.

    Thanks again for following. Be back tomorrow!

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    sounds like a solid workout!

    Try and cut the soda out man, even diet soda has enough different chemicals in it to preserve your carcass for 2,000 years! haha

    Try and substitute it for something else- tea maybe?
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    I think you are doing fantastic and I commend you for losing your weight through hard work and dedication in lieu of drugs. I would ramp my cardio up and also up my reps on all free weights and machines to at least 15 to 20 , which should cut you up. Best of luck to you.

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    Joe, the soda is minor, maybe 10oz a night? If it's that bad I'll cut it out, I just usually drink a little with dinner.

    Arabian, while I'm not opposed to using drugs, I just know that I am not currently a good candidate. At my current BF% I have zero business being on AAS, plus for me it'll be the last thing I do, not the first. I am not at a place where I could eat properly to benefit from AAS. As far as other drugs, I guess I'm not really aware of any that will really work to kill fat. I think I need to get my head screwed back on right as far as my health goes and dedicate the time and energy to getting to a BF% that I'm happy with. After that, I'm open to the option of a test cycle. It'd be a tough sell to my wife, but she'd probably come around. However I'm in no hurry to go that route. The thought of trying to find someone reliable to buy from is a bit scary right now. I appreciate you guys chiming in, it really helps.'s how the past day has gone:

    I felt pretty good throughout the day yesterday, not tired or drained or anything. During my work day I had 1 protein bar, 1 chicken breast, a bowl of ground beef, and 2 whole wheat bagels. I got home around 4:30 and was starving! I ate a handful of crackers to hold me over til my wife was done with dinner. She had made burgers on the grill, no buns with american cheese. I had 2 of those and some french fries. Around 8pm I was STARVING again, so I had a bowl of cereal. I played with my kid and dog til about 11, once he went to sleep I played with the wifey. Probably didn't go to sleep until about 12:30. Alarm went off at 3:45 and fuck I was tired. Crawled out of bed and took my fat ass to the gym. Today I did shoulders:
    -10 min stair stepper
    -Standing military press-4 sets of 15-20
    -seated dumbell press-4 sets of 15-20
    -upright rows with a straight bar-4 sets of 15-20
    -Barbell shrugs-4 sets of 20

    So I woke up this morning BEAT. The kid wouldn't go to sleep at a reasonable time and I wanted some time with my chick. I paid for it though. When I walked into the bathroom this morning I felt fat as hell. Now I'm sure you're thinking "well you are fat, so that's a good indicator as to why you feel that way". And you'd be somewhat right. However, given that I haven't been eating like a complete slob and have been working out, I've been feeling better. Today not so much. I stepped on the scale and it read 251. Not what I was hoping for. Weight gain is certainly not what I'm after. I don't expect instant results but I also don't expect to be gaining. So that was a bummer. When I got to the gym I took some advice and tried to up the rep range. That was tough, it seemed like no matter how little of weight was on the bar, getting past 15 was tough. I got through it and moved on. Today I'm going to try to switch to 2 a day. Little cardio in the am as a warmup, lift, then come back at lunch and throw down 30 mins of cardio. I have decided to go full on dieting after Thanksgiving, not sure what route to go. I could go CKD, but I don't love the idea of the lack of energy. I have a diet that was written for me by a professional, however it's very boring. If you guys wanna throw out some ideas, I'm always all ears! Also, do you feel that cardio is cardio? Am I better to run on the treadmill for 30 mins, rock the stair stepper, hit the eliptical? Thanks for watchin
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