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Thread: Next Cycle critique and help with the old boys

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    Default Next Cycle critique and help with the old boys

    Hey there guys just wanted to post my next cycle and get your thoughts on it. It will be my first in 6 months. But I did a pretty pct afterwards of only HCG and nolvadex. Feel as it the old boys got smaller but that's my own doing. Felt alot smaller 3 months ago but now they seem ok but I can't get it out of my head that I should take some HCG before my next cycle. Totally stupid I know but can't shake the idea haha.

    Here is my next planned cycle.

    Dbol 40mgs per day week 1-4
    Test Prop: 150mg M W F 1-10
    HCG 750: Once a week
    Novladex: 20mg everyday (using to keep estrogen down)


    HCG: 750: 10days
    Clomid 50mg: ED 4 weeks after HCG
    Nolvadex: 20mg ED 4 weeks

    I was wondering if I should take HCG and Nolva during the cycle to ensure the balls stay at reasonable size while on.

    Let me know what you guys think.

    Thanks very much.

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    Kind of a light cycle so I wouldn't run HCG during, just post. You can run nolva during the cycle but you would be better off getting an AI like adex or aromasin. It is also beneficial to run an AI into pct but taper off before the end. I would also run the nolva in pct two weeks longer. You could run it 20mg ED for the first 2 weeks then drop down to 10mg ED for the remainder. All in all, a simple cycle. Not much to go wrong with it.

    As for running the HCG before cycle, there really isn't much point. You're just going to turn right around and be shut down when you run the cycle so I'd wait and do it post cycle. It isn't a stupid idea but not really beneficial.
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    It's not uncommon for people to "re" pct to get their levels back to more of a normal state. You can always get your blood work ran to see where you are at, especially if it is in your mind bugging you.

    As Florida said though, if You are planning on starting a cycle, HCG now is a waste. You will potentially raise your levels just to completely suppress them. He gave you good advice on everything. I also agree with running HCG "post" cycle. Good luck.
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    id start using hcg the last 4wks of the cycle. once your body is suppressed from the d bol + prop a bit. early on it wont be needed nor will it really do anything.

    as said, use a real AI to control the nolva for pct man.

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    Cheers guys as ever a great help. I'll use HCG last 4 weeks of the cycle or whenever I feel the balls shrinking. Then HCG for 10 days after cycle and after that start Clomid and Nolva to full boost test levels and grow back balls. I'll keep you all updated with how
    I get on.

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