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Thread: bad injection

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    I always aspirate till i get a bubble in the barrel. Is the gear same gear you've always used? My wife had an allergic reaction to primo. Swelled a bit and redness. Grew abit for a couple weeks. Got itchy. Then went away. It was either the primo or the ethyl oleate

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    I have had a really bad pin once. My hole upper leg was so grose. It spread down to my knee and I have to take a week of work. What I did was get in a hot bath soak my leg and massage the shit out of it, so much it just hurts like hell and with in the day it had just gone away. Worst pain of my life.

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    ^^ sounds a lot like what i'm having. I'm only just starting to walk proper again today. the redness that spread around my inner thigh has gone, It's not so itchy but there's still a lump there that I don't know what the hell is. going to extend my cycle now since training has been pretty useless this week. I did have a bath a few days ago but it didn't do much. I'll try again, thanks.

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    na new gear ju ju. never had this stuff before. On week 5 atm

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    Bak on the sauce dl. Good stuff. I had that before I couldn't move for a week lol. And a guy at work punched me in my dealt one day mucking around I nearly cried hahaha
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    I man'd up last night to do legs and I actually think the squats and lunges helped a lot. i'm walking a lot better and should be back to normal in about 3 days .

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