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Thread: bad injection

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    Default bad injection

    ok, So it's been 2 days since my last pin which was in quads. I pin delts, calves and quads rotating and always do my injections bi-laterally. since my last injection I had the usual soreness that comes from injections except my left quad seems to be in quite amount of pain. At this point i'm limping around, the injection site is a little swollen and there is a patchy-ness of light red marks around the area with irritation. I've never had this before and my right quad is doing absolutely fine.

    Has anyone had this before?

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    I have. It sucks but you'll be fine

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    That's what I wanted to hear! cheers juju.

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    I usually get this with short esters, not with long esters. But yes, I have experienced this. It goes away.
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    Had this happen once. I actually massaged the shit out of it with a rolling pin and it helped a lot

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    how long did it persist with you guys?

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    About 2 days before I felt I could actually squat just body about 4 till I felt normal

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    my injection was on Monday and it's Friday now. Still limping around. hasn't got any better yet hasn't got any worst. I noticed yhe red patch has spread out a bit. swelling still the same size in the same place

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    To you pull a bubble when u pin, meaning after u pin before u push do you pull back to make sure ur not in a vein

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    always aspirate but not to the point I draw a bubble. I think you might be along the right line tho, seeing as if it were the gear why are all my other injections fine,

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