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Thread: Age For Anabolic Steroid

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    Post Age For Anabolic Steroid

    What is perfect age for taking Anabolic Steroid ? My age is 25. I am making plan to build muscle. Can any one suggest me some good anabolic steroid? Thanks in advance.

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    Gonna need a lot more info man. Weight, height, how long you've been lifting, bf%, diet, etc.

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    Oke im an ectomorph. Weight 82kgs, height 178cm, age 23, body fat 7,8%. Im trying to bulk up till about 90kgs. On a high carb diet currently. Thinking of using sus450 along with ethanate and proviron? Any tios on a better cycle to help bulk up?

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    Been ligting for about 5years.

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    Your still young, eat train and sleep. If your not gaining your not eating enough or getting enough rest.

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    its not just about age.. its about building a strong base and learning what works for you diet and training wise. this can take many many years to figure out

    in the mean time NTBM has great supps

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    Much appreciated thanks okes

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    Anabolic steroids are prescription-only medicines that are sometimes taken illegally to increase muscle mass and improve athletic performance.

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    If someone came to me regardless of age and said they cant bench 140kg squat 180kg and dead 220kg I would tell them to seek advice froma nutritionist and start training properly. Plus after achieving this I would say they need 3-5 years experience of training hard and knowing what works for them, food weights and bed sorry mo shortcuts.

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    Why do you want to poison yourself? I’m convinced that the anabolic steroids are the pure evil - they are highly harmful and cause severe side effects. You can disagree with me on the issue, but that is my point of view.

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