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Thread: Good ol HCGenerate

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    Default Good ol HCGenerate

    Went ahead and scooped a couple of these. HCGenerate is a great product for many reasons guys. Using it during a cycle is going to keep your testes plump and your loads thick. Its absolutely a must have during your cycle and PCT.

    If you want to have a solid recovery coming out of a cycle, run this side by side with your PH/AAS/Sarms stack and you will be happy you did. HCGenerate is time tested and proven to work. This and N2Guard are always in my cycles becuase they are the shit and serve a very important role in your overall health.

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    Love this stuff. Keeps the boys up and running while on cycle.

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    To reduce shutdown, increase libido on cycle, keep the boys nice and plump, and make the transition to PCT go smoothly, HCGenerate is an excellent addition to any cycle

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    What dose do you run on and off cycle?

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    I run 5 caps a day on cycle. HCGenerate ES is good during PCT.

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