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Thread: 2nd cycle questions

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    Default 2nd cycle questions

    hey i'm thinking of running my second cycle. my last one was with test e and arimidex some six months back, was a nice cycle and provided good results. i am planning to tun test e 600mg a week, deca 350mg a week, and arimidex .5mg eod throughout the 14 week cycle and dianabol for first 5 weeks at 50 or 60mg ed. i am 25, 6'1", and 210lbs. please advise.

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    I ran same cycle at 25 also. Ran 600mg of test and 600 mg of deca. Week one to 4 I ran 30mg of dbol and 30 mg on winny. Love this cycle firing one up as we speak

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    50-60mg DBol is a bit high. I'd stick to 40 honestly.
    Otherwise everything else sounds good.
    Are you running a cycle support supp to keep your cholesterol,BP, liver, etc in check? Cuz DBol very harsh on the liver. If not, pick up some N2Guard from n2bm. I think they have a coupon code right now for $20 off, it's 'N2G20'

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