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Thread: AG Guys liquid aromasin NOW at 15mg/ml

  1. Default AG Guys liquid aromasin NOW at 15mg/ml

    The high quality aromasin that everybody loves from AG Guys now has an increased concentration of 15mg per ml instead of the 10mg per ml it previously had.

    This means your bottle of aromasin will now last you 50% longer than it did before, all from the best source for research chemicals you will find!

    Remember that AGREP99QZ will save you 10% off of your order at AG Guys

    AG-Guys :: AIs :: LiquiAromas

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    Great quality Aromasin here, boys.
    Thanks AG-Guys!

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    Awesome! Aromasin from them is a staple for me.

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    This is nice. Much easier to dose now lol.

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