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Thread: proposed cycle

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    i am thinking of running a cycle with boldenone 600mg a week along with test e 250mg every week for 12 weeks, will use anavar 60-80mg ed for last 6-7 weeks. i have got arimidex, clomid, nolva, and HCG on side. i want to add strength and harden up. will this cycle help me realize my goals or would you recommend altered doses or a completely new cycle? plz help.

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    It might. Boldenon is a very slow acting steroid. For me personally it takes as long as 16 weeks before I even realize it. But once the gains come they will stay with you unlike many other steroids. 25-30 weeks for the eq in my experience.
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    I'm running EQ currently for 20 weeks at 800 mg per week. I think test at 250mg every week is too low. I would bump it up 350mg at least.

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    EQ gave me migraines big time. Go with Deca instead. Edema in the feet was bad for me, but it isn't like migraines.

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