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    im currently running my second cycle of test e tren e and mast first cycle was good pct hcg at the end everything went well im not 3 weeks into my second cycle its a blend of 300 test 100 tren 100 mast pin 1ml x twice a week but im having problems with getting/maintaining an erection , last time absolutely no issue but was dosed at 80 each compound any advice guys

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    Are you using an AI or anything to fight prolactin? That couple be your issue. You need to run some aromasin and caber with it

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    Ricks right, you need caber and aromasin asap if your not using. Also, if that blend is prop and ace esters twice a week is not enough. That will fuck you up with sides. Needs to be at least EOD.

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    your last pct was horrible... i am certain you caused yourself problems using hcg in pct if i am reading that correctly... are you running the proper ancillaries on this cycle... it seems you are having prolactin problems from tren... are you using dostinex? are you using aromasin?

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    hi guys no i was running clomid during last cycle then hcg was at end of cycle soz, the blend is all test e mast and tren e im currently not running any ai but now ive read this will be taking armidex i think, cant seem to find any caber in uk , thanks for the reply

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    you need caber and aromasin or letrozone

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