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Thread: my first cycle

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    Default my first cycle

    12 week cycle with test e and deca durabolin both 250mg twice a week and dianabol (weeks 1-6) at 50mg ed? good cycle or bad?

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    good cycle for bulking wet bulking
    add some aromasin and gw and n2guard

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    bad cycle. never run more than 1 compound the first time. and avoid deca for sure

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    that's a HORRIBLE first cycle man... you don't run deca on a first cycle bro... why would you introduce your body to steroids for the first time with one of the more side effect filled compounds there is? why would you cause the most amount of shutdown possible on your first time using?? why pick such a sloppy, water filled unsustainable cycle to begin with??

    Thats WAY too long for dbol, even for advanced users and FAR too high... you have not listed any supports, no pct, etc... in all honesty, its quite scary what you have written...

    can you provide stats here? age/height/weight/body fat? training history? also, how can one tell you what is a good cycle when you don't even say what your trying to accomplish from it??? everyone here is more than happy to help bro and trust me, we want to but you also have to help us help you...

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    Start by posting some stats:
    -weight, height, bf%
    -training routine

    This will help us help you.

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    bad..deca is not a compound to consider for a first cycle

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    For your first cycle stick to test only with a 4 week oral kickstart. Run n2guard and aromasin throughout

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    Drop the Deca and lower dbol dosage to 20-25mg I would say. You dont want to run something like deca for a first cycle, trust me, i used it for my.... i dunno 15th cycle maybe and it was too much of a pain in the ass for me because of the sexual side effects. It shuts the HTPA down more than any other steroid as well and needs a long duration to really work well. Test and dbol at most i say

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    Get us some stats bro.. Would love to help you out with your first cycle. The guys just want you to be safe and have a great first experience. Its important you have everything you need

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    Is my phone not updating? Ever get stats?

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