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Thread: not getting proper test

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    Default not getting proper test

    here is my cycle

    weeks 1-14 testosterone propionate 300mg eod
    weeks 1-8 anavar 100mg ed

    is this a proper dose of test?

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    300mgs eod is a lot of test man, not a problem at all, you using some AIs?

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    Both test and anavar are WAY TOO HIGH. Id do 150mg eod test and 80mg tops anavar. Where's your AI, PCT etc?

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    That's way too much test and Var. Drop down to the doses JackSteel gave.

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    what are your stats?

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    14 weeks of pinning EOD is a pain in the ass

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    to much test
    to much var
    and to much pinning

    i dont like the cycle at all

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