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Thread: Hello peoples, I am a complete newbie

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    Default Hello peoples, I am a complete newbie

    I have not learned all the lingo yet. I have done quite a bit of reading as of late and up until recently have never considered a cycle.

    However I am 40 years old and approaching my 20th wedding anniversary. I seem to be stuck at my current BMI level and I have done everything I know to get more results.

    I have been weight training for several years and have put on muscle that I never had before.

    A severe car crash left me with poor upper body strength and a head injury (as far as we can tell) left me with severely low Test numbers naturally.

    I am already on TRT and now that my goal is to be lean and good looking for my anniversary trip, I am looking at my first cycle.

    I have regular physicals and blood work done every three months. Other than low T and a BMI that will not seem to budge my blood work is perfect. LDL's cholesterol and all other blood measurable are all normal and healthy.

    I have posted my planned cycle here:

    Any and all help will be much appreciated

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    where is your cycle? welcome

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    I posted in your thread buddy. Welcome to the board

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    it wont be easy coming off a bad accident.. I hope you get money out of that

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    Post your intended cycle and well have a look
    Instagram: @Riemhov

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    Initially I was going to up my test and add 20mg of VAR twice a day. 250IU of HCG twice a week and 1mg of Androzole a week. However I am being told that if my goal is to lean out and get my body fat under control I should consider a SARMS cycle with 2 different N2 products. Everyone in that thread seems to agree. Wait and run the VAR after I have leaned out.

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    I would do the var with your trt dose only or S4 and Cardarine or all of them

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    So the 40mg VAR a day, test protocol, S4 and Cardarine al together? Bust ass in the gym. Eat right.

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    yeah, I would run a sarms triple stack to cut wait and then start your cycle

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    How long should I run the triple stack?

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