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Thread: ostarine dose for pct

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    Default ostarine dose for pct

    guys i am doing my pct in 2 weeks and dont know how much ostarine to add looking at around 25mgs ED for 3 weeks of the pct, is that very good?

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    25mgs per day is fine for pct

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    25g per day up to 4 weeks. Get your Ostarine at sarms1

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    yes and 3 weeks max

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    I like to be careful and to 20mg/ED in PCT 4 weeks tops
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    Yeah that's a pretty good idea man keeping it at 33 weeks. Although I would start it perhaps around 2-3 weeks into the pct. But you can also do 4 weeks if you want. Just don't go longer than than 4 so early after coming off AAS.

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    yes 25 mg is a good dosage. run it 4 weeks if you can.

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    yup.. 25mg 4 weeks

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