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Thread: lgd-4033 anabolicum bridge

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    Default lgd-4033 anabolicum bridge

    i just finished my 5th cycle with sust/tren good run with good results a bit puffy but ok, now looking to bridge with anabolicum lgd how much do I take and what intervals for a bridge? after pct

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    for bridge go with 10mgs anabolicum and 20mgs cardarine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tealc View Post
    for bridge go with 10mgs anabolicum and 20mgs cardarine
    This is how I would suggest you run it

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    Unless you are on TRT, it's better to use non suppressive sarms to bridge with like Ostarine and Cardarine

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    This isn't a bridge it's more like staying on.. up to you
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    I wouldn't bridge with LGD. MK yes as it is minimall suppressive and GW is not hormonal

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    Use ostarine to bridge man. LGD is more of a second cycle because it shuts you down as much as some oral AAS

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