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Thread: how long does it takes tbol to show results?

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    Default how long does it takes tbol to show results?

    i started my cycle with turinabol four days back and have been using 60mg ed. i am yet to experience anything solid. should i increase the dose to 80mg? my gym friends say tbol can show results in doses as low as 50mg ed. have i got fake stuff? or am i doing anything wrong? my daily calorie intake is around 2-3k. should i increase it? i hit the gym four days a week. please advise on what could be the best thing forward. thanks.

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    Tbol usually takes minimum 3-4 weeks.

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    That is a good dosage you are taking - there is no need to increase it. Remember - Tbol is a very slow gainer, so results will come in steadily.

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    tbol should be stacked for best results.

    that is going to be your issue

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    tbol is a slow gainer. Be patient. It's the type of compound where you will look in the mirror in 3 weeks and go "WOW".

    Any oral that makes you blow up in weight right away is just water weight.
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    you need more time on it. Be patient.

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    yea, it will take a while to see it in the mirror, however if you want to know if its legit stuff you should see some clear strength gains in week 2

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    shit I don't know what the hell you guys are talking about because ive run t bol multiple times always 60 mgs ed. 30 in morning and 30 at night and by day 7 to 10 ive had very noticeable strength gains and about five pounds of weight added

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