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Thread: tren and calorie intake

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    Default tren and calorie intake

    decided to run a 10 week cycle of trenbolone acetate 300mg a week and test prop 200mg twice a week. my goal is to gain lean muscle mass and lose body fat. i am 26, 91kg, and 182cm. have three cycles under the belt. my question is: can i lose body fat with tren even if i eat in slight calorie surplus? or should i be on a calorie deficit while doing on a cut?

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    You probably should keep a caloric deficit if you want to shed bodyfat.

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    Few steroids will render you the chance to be on a caloric surplus and lose fat. Therefore, if cutting is your objective, there must be a calorie deficit with your cycle.

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    Simply put, no. The laws of thermodynamics still apply.

    Some steroids raise metabolic rate which allows you to eat more and still be in a deficit but you can't loose weight without being in a calorie deficit.

    You CAN build muscle and burn fat at the same time however if you manipulate periods throughout the day when you are in a surplus and a deficit. For example, doing fasted morning cardio (deficit-burn body fat) eating a few meals (surplus-gain muscle) and then doing your weight training. Remember that the body doesn't work on a 24 hour clock.
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    no, not unless you got a really insane metabolism and your diet is super clean

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