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Thread: letrozole or nolvadex???

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    Default letrozole or nolvadex???

    hi guys, i am thinking of running a cycle with equipoise, anavar, tbol, winstrol, and test e. this will be a 14 week cycle where i will use tbol for weeks 4-9 and anavar and winstrol for weeks 3-8, and rest all for full 14 weeks. i have bought arimidex online and planning to use 0.25mg ed from week 3rd onwards. now, here is my question: what would be a better option of letrozole or nolvadex to stay safe from estrogenic side effects?? this will be my third cycle. the last was a year back with sustanon.

    also, please guide on the dosage and when to start using letrozole or nolvadex?? thanks.

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    Letrozole too strong, nolvadex is better.

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    I am a little confused on your question and the title of the thread.

    You mention you are using arimidex as your AI but then ask if letrozole or nolvadex is better? First of all, nolvadex is not an AI. Second, letrozole is way too strong and should only be used as a last resort.

    I would recommend using arimosan at 12.5mg EOD. Your second best option is arimidex at 0.5mg EOD. You can increase your dosage from there if needed but I don't suspect you will. Start the AI as soon as your start your cycle. I.e. take your first dosage of arimosan or arimidex the same day you do your first injection.

    Your cycle seems kind of all over the place. That is ALOT of orals to run. I personally would just pick one, and run it from weeks 1 - 6 of your cycle as a kick starter. Make sure you are using a liver aid with your cycle when using orals (n2guard at 7 capsules/day).

    Also make sure you have a well designed PCT. That is a very aggressive cycle you have laid out. The Perfect Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) -
    Trevor Kouritzin RHN, B.ENG
    Human Nutrition masters student
    Pro bodybuilder, International model
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    I agree with @muskate - this is an overly complicated cycle. And Aromasin is a much better AI than arimidex.

    Remember, when you take oral gear liver protection is a must, and you did not mention any at all. N2Guard is the best thing for this purpose.

    And of course - with such a heavy cycle the PCT must be really well thought through. The perfect PCT is the minimum you need with such a cycle.

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    definetly go with aromasin over adex, and you really need need to follow the perfect pct

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    use aromasin oncycle instead of adex

    im confused.. are you asking what to use for pct?

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