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Thread: libido issues

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    Default libido issues

    here to seek expert opinions from experienced roid users. i have been running deca, test e, NPP, and masteron e for the last 8 weeks in a 14 week cycle. ever since i started with this cycle, my libido has started dipping, especially during the last 2-3 weeks. would you recommend me to stop this cycle right away or use something like cialis or viagra.

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    Add more testosterone and hcgenerate.

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    By the issues you are commenting on, I assume that deca's dosage is a bit high for you, especially considering the fact that you are taking two nandrolones at a time, which is a bit pointless. Reduce the dosage of deca and NPP, increase test and add HCGenerate ES as @tealc suggested. This will solve your libido problems right away.

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    Yea, drop the deca and NPP why are you running two nadrolones ?
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    have u been running caber?? with two nandrolones ur just asking for deca dick......

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    Are you using an AI or prolactin-inhibitor with your cycle? If you aren't start supplementing with aromasin at 12.5mg EOD and caber at 0.5mg E3D.

    Your deca and NPP dosage is too high. That is what is causing the side effects. Known commonly as 'deca dick'. Reduce the amount you are taking by 1/3 and your symptoms should go away in a week or so.
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    You shouldn't have an issue if you are running caber or prami. If it continues you need to drop the NPP.

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