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Thread: Cynomel/ T3 cycle for endurance athletes

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    Default Cynomel/ T3 cycle for endurance athletes


    I was looking around about some information about cynomel/T3 and the benefit that endurance athlètes can have (like Mo Farah) with using it.

    bodybuilder use it to burn fat, endurance athletes use it to speed up metabolisme but what would be the time,dosage per day to take it to get little benefit on endurance and anabolism effect?

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    I don't like t3 too dangerous maybe try some sarms and n2slin to cut up first.

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    I would really strongly suggest you to avoid using T3/4. It is very dangerous, and it can have some really bad consequences. Not long ago there was a thread somewhere around here - a woman was using t3 for fat loss, and she had to stop forcefully the cycle due to strong side effects. She messed up her thyroid, and now she is gaining weight uncontrollably, and docs can't help. It is just one of the most recent cases I personally know of. So better avoid this shit.

    If endurance is what you are looking for, go for Cardarine GW - you can't go wrong with it. It has no side effects, will burn fat, and your endurance will drastically increase together with the recovery. It is a much better option in every single regard.

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    thank you for help.
    What do you think if just little dosage is done: 0.0125mg during 5week cycle? recovery and endurance would be better by what i read.
    Thyroid danger is possible if dosage is very high but in this case i think it s still very safe and give you the little help possible without side effect... no?

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    you are looking for a short cut .. T3 doesn't work for everyone, and for some it fucks up their thyroids bigtime.

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    If long cut(2-3months) without speaking of the side effects and with 0.0125mg/day, would it make sense to recover faster ? anyone as try it?

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    I dont see how t3 can give an endurance benefit bro, try GW
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    There are much better options then T3/T4. T3/T4 supplementation can cause permanent thyroid suppression very easily. It is not something to mess around with.

    Why not supplement with cardarine GW from sarms.1com instead? You will get much greater fat loss, endurance and recovery benefits - all with much less side effects.
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    I'm taking the t3/t4 plunge I think. Il keep you posted on what happens. It can go really bad for some people. Personally I have a really hard time gaining weight just normaly. Idk how this is gonna go..I'm very very afraid of it though lol.
    Going to run 25mcg of t3 and 100mcg of t4. For 6 weeks.

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