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Thread: PCT Critique

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    will come off my first cycle with anavar and testosterone propionate. i must say the gains i made exceeded my expectations and now i want to go smoothly off the cycle. btw, i have been using arimidex .5mg e3d from week 5th and it will be continued till the last week of my cycle (15th), now is the 11th week.

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    That's a fine cycle, but you should run anavar for 8 weeks max and add n2guard for your liver.

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    Next time you run a cycle with an oral steroid, make sure to use some liver supporting supplements, such as N2Guard. Also, aromasin is a much better AI than arimidex, and you should be using it from the first day of the cycle, so that you can PREVENT estrogenic effects, and not just deal with them when they appear. All in all, your cycle is looking pretty good - simple and effective.

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    1. Aromasin is a much better AI choice then arimidex as it is a suicide AI and there will be no estrogen rebound when you discontinue usage. 12.5mg EOD is a good dosage when on cycle.

    2. Use a liver aid whenever using oral steroids. N2guard from at 7 capsules/day.

    3. After your cycle run the perfect PCT protocol exactly as it is laid out here: The Perfect Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) -
    Remember that it's not just about what you gain on cycle - it's about what you keep off cycle.
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    go with aromasin over adex. its superior ai

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    Try the EVO perfect PCT protocol
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