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Thread: question about IGF1 LR3

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    Default question about IGF1 LR3

    hello guys, i've been reading a lot about IGF1 LR3 and even some SARMs and want to know if there is some real benefit attached to using IGF1 or say GW? which one is better, affordable, and value for money product? if i run IGF, would it be better to eat carbs post-workout if i decide to go with 40mcg for 6 or 8 weeks using an insulin syringe?

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    There are too many fakes in the peptides ******** right now. Stick with the cardarine gw no igf.

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    These compounds are pretty different in their action. However, between the two Cardarine GW is a much better buy - it is cheaper, easier to find the real one (at least if you get it from, and it is much safer, as there are many peptide fakes that can hurt you in reality.

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    IGF-1 is awesome but as was said above. where can you trust spending money on it from?

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    The vast majority of HGH and IGF-1 on the market is fake. To run human grade IGF-1 at bodybuilding dosages would cost in the neighbourhood of thousands of dollars per week. Whatever these research chemicals are selling for $100-200 per vial, well your guess is as good as mine.

    Look into the SARM nutrabol instead. It is an HGH analogue, something that signals your pituitary gland to produce more HGH. I would say it's equivalent to about 3-4IU of hgh per day. It is a cheaper and legal alternative to HGH/IGF-1. With nutrabol, at least you can be certain of what you are actually getting. You can order it from
    Nutrobal (Mk-677) Growth Hormone -

    Stacking nutrabol with cardarine GW would be a great option.
    20mg cardarine gw per day (10mg AM 10mg PM) + 25mg nutrabol per day (12.5mg AM 12.5mg PM)
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    I noticed some fat loss from it but nothing significant to be honest.. It's rather pricey too, I think for the buck and convenience GW is a much better option
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