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Thread: appetite loss help

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    Default appetite loss help

    so here is the crux of what has gone wrong. i started my first cycle 3 weeks back with testosterone cypionate 500mg a week and have noticed that my appetite has gone down. i wanted to bulk up but don't think losing weight would help me in any way whatsoever. is this a temporary scenario and would i be able to finally bulk up at the end of this cycle that is for 16 weeks?

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    Test cyp not the best for that, try EQ if you want an appetite boost.

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    Are you using an AI with your cycle? If you aren't, order aromasin from immediately and start dosing 10mg EOD.

    EQ and nutrabol cause appetite increase in a lot of people. You could give either of those a try.
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    Try basing your diet around foods you grew up on and enjoy eating. Supplementing with digestive enzymes and probiotics will also help immensely.
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    Even with steroids you won't be able to gain weight, or at least lean muscle mass, if you don't eat right and enough. Therefore, you would need to do something to boost your appetite. As mentioned above - EQ and Nutrobal are the best things to boost one's appetite, and help you bulk up.

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    EQ has really helped me this cycle at only 300mg a week. I didn't plan on even using it but the t400 I was taking was not agreeing with my body because of the high concentration so I used the EQ to cut it with as this allowed me to use the t400 without the issues. I can now eat every three to four hours no prob. Try to eat smaller meals every few hours instead of just three big meals in the day. This will allow you to take in more calories. Protein or weight gainer shakes can also help you get them extra macros and calories needed. Couple spoons of pnutt butter a few times a day as a snack will add calories. Dairy products are good also. If your lean and wanting to bulk don't be afraid to eat some foods you enjoy like mentioned above just make sure you get your protein in for the day. Shoot for at least 1gram per body pound and if you can do 1.5-2 grams per body pound you will bulk brother

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    Or you could always add a little cardio man, still okay when bulking if your food choices are on point
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