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Thread: anxiety induced by roids

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    Default anxiety induced by roids

    i have been using human grade testosterone propionate 100mg eod and my anxiety levels have gone bad in the last 2 weeks. i am in week 4th of a 12 week cycle. it's like i get easily panicked these days even at the drop of a needle. visited a doc and he recommended valium and he says it should put me at sleep. just for info, i am using aromasin 15mg eod. is that causing anxiety? should i try out prozac, heard it is good?

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    You should try natural remedies like valerian root and rest more.

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    I am not big on pharmaceutical drugs when they aren't needed. Before using valium, I would try to incorporate meditation, yoga etc. as ways to relax.

    2 capsules of n2sleep from 30-45 minutes before bed puts me out like a light. You should try incorporating that into your bed time routine. You might be experiencing anxiety from lack of quality sleep.
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    These are some vert strong drugs you are considering to take, which are usually used in psychiatry. Better try first the natural and milder remedies. The N2Sleep recommended by @muskate is a great alternative - it has no side effects, and it will do a great job of helping you relax. Also, the valerian root is very beneficial for this purpose.

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    if you have existing anxiety, steroids will just make them worse. sounds like this game just isn't for you

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    if you have anxiety when your are on cycle what will be on PCT...or after PCT. Prepare with patience, take the advice from up posts and aspect more problems....
    And remember is all in your mind , you can controll it

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    Try keeping your blood pressure down with diet, exercise, giving blood, and proper cycle supports
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