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Thread: cycle concerns

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    Default cycle concerns

    i am doing my fourth cycle and want to find out whether it it worth it or not. i will be running trenbolone acetate 600mg a week, masteron 500mg a week, and testosterone cypionate 500mg a week for 16 weeks along with 0.25mg pill of arimidex eod. do you recommend using n2guard also, heard good reviews about it on the internet. should i also buy antidepressants as tren is known to do crazy shit to guys right?

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    You don't need antidepressants with trenbolone, not needed. Just drop the tren if you need the pills.

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    First of all - there is no need for anti-depressants if you don't already have some serious depression conditions. Secondly - yes, N2Guard will be very beneficial for the cycle. Remember - in spite of being an injectable, trenbolone is still liver toxic, so you need to take this liver supporting supplement. Besides, N2Guard is very beneficial for cholesterol levels, and the cleansing of other organs. Also, your arimidex dosage is too low - 0.5 mgs EOD is the way to go with such a heavy cycle. However, I would greatly recommend to use Aromasin instead (10 mgs EOD), as unlike arimidex it will not allow estrogen rebounds, will improve cholesterol levels, and can increase IGF-1 levels by up to 23%. Finally, make sure to have some cabergoline on hand in case prolactin issues arise, and add some Cardarine GW to the cycle, as it will greatly reduce trenbolone's side effects, and will add overall quality to the cycle.

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    1. Yes, adding N2guard from at 7 capsules/day to your cycle is a FANTASTIC idea. Tren is an extremely toxic compound. N2guard will help continuously detox your body on cycle and keep your healthy.

    2. Adding cardarine gw to your cycle at 20mg/day (10mg AM 10mg PM) will greatly decrease trenbolone related side effects.
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    3. You need to add something to your cycle for prolactin support from the tren. I recommend cabergoline from at 0.5mg E3D.
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    Good cycle. I have done something similar as my 3 cycle. But in my opinion 600mg tren is a little to much. Begin with 300 and after this if you fell that you need more you go up.
    Masteron is a design steroids. It make miracle but only if you are below 7 % bf.
    And the last advice that i learn from Joeblow : keep the tren up and the test down. I feel better at 200 test and 450 tren that i feel at 500 test and 200 tren

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    start the tren small and increase only if you must, it's sitll very powerful at 200-300mg/week
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