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Thread: help with Cutting cycle

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    Default help with Cutting cycle

    i am here to seek opinion on a cycle that me and my friend are planning to run around christmas week. we are considering running testosterone propionate 100mg eod for 18 weeks along with masteron p 150mg eod and winstrol 40mg ed. is this a nice cycle for someone who want to have chiseled looks and strong muscles for family dinner? on 31st about 10 days after.

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    Don't use steroids to look good 10 days later, not a good idea. Better think of long term cycles.

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    In any case - after just 10 day you won't have any noticeable results, no matter how good the cycle is. For these kind of things you gotta think long before, and start working on it months before.

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    Noticeable changes in your physique take time. Your cycle looks good but a few tips:

    1. You need an AI with your cycle to keep aromatization of testosterone to estrogen to a minimum. I recommend aromasin from at 10mg EOD

    2. Oral steroids are very liver toxic. You need to use a liver aid with your cycle. I recommend n2guard from at 7 capsules/day.
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