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Thread: cycle advice

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    Default cycle advice

    i am about to get ready with my fourth cycle, the last happened two months back with test, anadrol, eq, and dbol. this time, i want to try a cycle with sustanon 600mg a week, eq 600mg a week, aromasin 12.5mg e2d, and dbol only for 5 weeks at 30mg ed.

    i have stock of letrozole, arimidex, clomid, and nolva. is this a nice cycle to bulk up, past results have always been good. please do share your suggestions.

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    That's a heavy cycle, and sustanon at 600mgs? go with 500mgs because it's 250mgs/ml.

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    I sincerely don't understand how can you dose sustanon at 600 mgs. It would be either 500 or 750 mgs, but 750 is a bit too much. You will get good enough results with just 500 mgs. All in all the cycle is looking good. Better use aromasin EOD, not E2D - you don't wanna mess with estrogen levels. Also, use a good liver protector, since Dbol is liver toxic. N2Guard would be the optimal choice, as it is the most complete liver supporting supplement that you can get in a single product. I think that 14-16 weeks would be a good duration for your cycle. Make sure to have your PCT dialed in before you start the cycle.

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    I dont' see anything wrong with it.. you might want to bump up your aromasin while on dbol

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