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Thread: next blast suggestions

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    Default next blast suggestions

    a month ago, i was on a testosterone propionate cycle where i took 700mg a week. now i am on half dosage and plan to drop it to 250 and then to 150. i heard the gains stop for a month so would there will be enough time for receptor to clear? i am planning to do the same cycle for 14 weeks and cruise again, should i add dianabol 40mg for 5 weeks???

    would dianabol help news muscle gain?

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    700mgs of prop/week? crazy! I would not do it again until you do PCT.

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    Blastin and cruising is for those who are on TRT, so you should get back to the TRT dosage if you want to cruise. Hope you were using an AI at such huge dosages of testosterone! Aromasin at 10 mgs EOD would be the ideal choice. Dropping to 150 mgs won't do much for receptor clearing, as you will still be putting in exogeneous hormone in your body, and your natural testosterone production won't recover until you do a PCT. So all you will get, is gains loss (due to high estrogen and low test levels), and difficulties recovering. So either do a real cruise and blast, or do proper cycling.

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