I have noticed that many complaints have been made against e.european scammers. I am formally from this region. I have seen large sindicates take over ligit companies I want to use alinshop for example, they have been ruined as many others are falling pray to silent owners who no nothing about steroids, bodybuilding or sport. they will operate until there suppliers are over run by complaints. If you get scammed ,write britsh dragon, ******* or whoever there suppliers are , ask them for reimbercment. Save your Western Union reciepts. Give western union the name of the person you sent the money to. Tell them it was about information about adopting a child. If it was a female tell them it was a money was for hand made sweaters ect. also check the names on the reciepts. They are usually inverted. complain to postal systems that underage childern were able to access site.Lets all join together to ride the e-net of this cancer. If you are ever ripped off from an eastern european supplier . stike back then boycott eastern european suppliers. I know of multiple formally legit suppliers that have been muscled in on. I feel sorry for those who worked so hard to establish a respected business with bodybuilders best intrest in mind. Help them fight back.does anyone have any other ideas