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Thread: Avoid Puregear Laboratories

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    Default Avoid Puregear Laboratories

    I got PureHalo and PureAnadrol from Puregear laboratories from a friend who ordered from ******* from the first time.

    The halo tabs were chipping and crumbling when they came out of the package and when I put one in my mouth it dissolved in seconds and just tasted like chalk. Got absolutely nothing out of them

    The anadrol pills were better looking, but when I put one in my mouth it would turn red and start dissolving. Took 100mg every day for 3 weeks now and didnt gain a single pound. This frustrates me because I really needed the strength gains from the anadrol and it was a complete waste of money. I have heard other stories from people saying the same about Puregear and their injectibles are almost always fake.
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