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Thread: peptide scam ?

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    Default peptide scam ?

    hey guys anyone heard of this website or know if its a scam ?
    seems to good to be true

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    Hazcat Guest


    This forum and site isn't for source checks. If you would have read the rules at the top of the forum you would see you're not allowed to post in here without moderator approval.
    If you'd like to talk about a partlcular peptide we'd be glad to discuss it with you in the proper forum. Most peptide questions are in the this forum: IGF-1 LONG R3, MGF, HGH AND INSULIN QUESTIONS. Once again we don't do source checks. But as you say if it seems too good to be true then in probably is. A lot of companies are popping up underdosed and using subpar raw materials from china. I'd look for a long standing reputable company. Although low prices can be very persuasive the aggravation of having your cycle ruined isn't worth it.

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